About us

Who we are

Motion Global operates the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group, one of the world’s largest designer eyewear e-commerce companies. With a presence across Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, we have been market leaders in over 20 countries for more than 10 years.

Our best-known website brands: SmartBuyGlasses and VisionDirect offer the largest range of designer eyewear online. Through an integrated supply-chain and close relationships with some of the world’s leading eyewear distributors, we’ve provided customers globally with the best quality brands.


We have launched successful eyewear brands such as Arise Collective, Oh My Woodness! and LMNT, and started omni-channel operations with the SmartBuyGlasses Factory Outlet store in Hong Kong, and the VisionDirect Optical Centre in Melbourne, Australia. This is an important step forward in our aim to deliver value to our customers. We are committed to making a strong social impact, having donated over $1,000,000 worth of eyewear to visually-impaired people in some of the less-fortunate corners of the globe, by partnering with organizations such as Sightsavers and Unite for Sight. Additionally, we sponsor the “Buy One Plant One” program for the Oh My Woodness! brand, in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

Founding Story

We began our journey with a shared idea between three best friends. We didn’t have a cent to our name, but we shared one like-minded goal. We wanted to change a once traditional industry for the better. Turn it digital and make eyewear accessible for everyone, including the world’s poorest that can’t afford to see properly. Working part-time jobs to make ends meet, we started Motion Global in 2006. Overcoming enormous challenges with unyielding persistance we built a company that we are all proud of. Today, we are a global e-commerce leader in the designer eyewear industry.


Empower people to discover and express their individuality through our eyewear


To provide a superior experience, the world's largest range and great value.


To become the global digital leader in the eyewear industry.

10 years of expertise