Founding Story

Founding Story

In 2006, three young Australian entrepreneurs from different backgrounds came together with a single goal. Setup a socially minded global company to deliver pioneering value, range & service in an industry where consumers traditionally purchased offline. In this process, they also wanted to fight poverty in some of the world’s poorest communities by providing free prescription glasses.

With no money or funding but with tons of passion and complimentary corporate expertise they started from scratch in each of their bedrooms from Australia, Sweden and Shanghai. Working part time jobs to support their living and not getting much sleep, they founded Motion Global. Bootstrapping their company had overwhelming challenges in the early days, however their close bond, mutual respect and fearless commitment kept them on track to fulfill their vision.

The rest is history – today Motion Global is a global e-commerce leader in the designer eyewear industry with 150 employees operating in 15 languages across 30 country sites worldwide.

Motion Global is a constantly evolving international ecosystem of passionate, global, social, innovative and successful people working together to continue the companies growth, build the careers of its people and fight poverty through its “buy one, give one” social movement.

- Doron, CEO