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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses & Marc Jacobs Eyeglasses consistently remain at the cutting edge of New York style and a modernity that reeks of high fashion and style. One with sleek, modern styling with sexy undertones that scream subtle styling without overpowering your eyes. With dramatic yet tasteful designs Marc Jacob’s truly keeps the devil in the distinctive detailing.


A hybrid of Italian quality with contemporary American designs, Police sunglasses are designed especially for those who like to rebel against fashion. If you want to shout your individuality, these are for you.


From glamorous old Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to today’s hottest A-listers like Angelina Jolie and Jay-Z, Gucci sunglasses have been a favorite of celebrities through the decades. Sleek, timeless and edgy – Gucci maintains a timeless style and quality that maintains this fashion powerhouse’s position on the world’s catwalk for nearly 100 years.

Calvin Klein

The brands beginnings of youthful, understated coats and dresses have continued into their eyeglasses and reading glasses range. CK is modern yet simple and is noticed because of the elegance and clean lines of its design rather than trying for an ostentatious look.


Inspired by the open road auto racing legacy of the South American Carrera Panamericana race, the CARRERA Eyewear brand was created in 1956 by an Austrian sports eyewear. A common favourite with extreme sports enthusiasts it can be credited with massive design and manufacturing leaps as Optyl, a non-allergenic and very light-weight thermoplastic material that was quite revolutionary. These frames offer a unique stability and a higher rate of flexibility for active people. Recently they’ve released a vintage 80s style look adopted by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Beyonce.


One celebrity optimized Fendi’s glasses perfectly ‘they bestow poise and grace upon their owner’. The brand continues its tradition of excellence; it caters to the needs and whims of the modern citizen. Fendi sunglasses change their design for every season, but they continue to offer them online no matter what year the model was made. Fendi sunglasses are elegant and stylish they can be worn even if you already had one pair for several years, the design can still be relevant.